The Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel.

Completed Works


An Accusing Finger, An Inspector Armitage Mystery
(for release in 2021)

A man's early-morning violent death on the freezing pavement of a west-end convenience store parking lot in Canada's capital city appears at first to be another random act of gang violence, but is it? The dead man has no identification, and his associate has mysteriously vanished. One of the victim's fingerprints is linked to the unsolved murder of a young woman more than twenty years earlier. When Inspector Matt Armitage begins to investigate the cold case he uncovers a second, identical, unsolved murder. One that took place years later, in another city... in another country. In wrapping up the case, Armitage finds that cutting through red tape produces serious, self-inflicted wounds. An Accusing Finger was a Chanticleer Clue Awards finalist.

The Grey Simulacrum
(for release in 2021)

When a young woman with multiple personality disorder and a troubled past named Allison Devon walks away from a Toronto psychiatric hospital and flees to the small, southern Ontario town of Elora where she spent happy years as a child, she sets two plots in motion to kill her. A ruthlessly ambitious doctor frantic to save his career and a murderous drug distributor both want her dead, for different reasons. But when Allison in her dissociative state becomes the mythological goddess Artemis, the protectress of women and a virtually unstoppable force, the predators become the prey.

Death Comes Full Circle, An Inspector Armitage Mystery
(for release in 2021)

A legal scholar and well-known free-speech activist is found dead in his Rockcliffe Park home in Canada's capital city. His death first appears to be suicide, but a forensic examination proves that he was murdered. Sympathy seems in short supply, even from family members. The victim was a bombastic eccentric, with few friends and many potential enemies. At the time of his death, he was also under investigation by CSIS. Inspector Matt Armitage and his major crimes team grapple with family conflict, spiteful academics, inter-agency meddling and a hostile media while they look for a mystery woman who may be a key witness. In a forest of distraction, Armitage finds that the growth-ring of a single tree holds the secret.

Short stories

Below is a listing of short stories that I have written over the years, some of which were published in Pierian Spring Magazine, Western People Magazine and Manchester Monthly Magazine. Goosefeathers was also aired on The Larry Thomas Show on 1450 VSB Radio, Hamilton, Bermuda.


The Man Who Loved Cadillacs

The Batter Was Scratched

The Day the Boys Wore Ties

Alma Bossenberg vs. Revenue Canada

Collector's item

The Right Thing to Do

Batter's Out

Romeo MacClean and the Dishwasher

Driver's Test

Simon and the Teddy Bare

Afternoon Pain

The White Crystal Light

Saving Chloe

Death at the Dollar Store

Death Takes a Hike