View of downtown Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, looking north along the historic Rideau Canal, with the Peace Tower of Parliament Hill on the left and the turreted Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel to the immediate right of the Canal.

Mystery, Crime and Adventure Fiction

Welcome to the site and thanks for taking a look. Regardless of the theme or the story, I write essentially about the human condition. The deep-down impulses in all of us that drive our actions. The greed, the fear, the despair. The love, the hope, the wonder. The first appalls. The second inspires. On balance, I like to think that there is more light than darkness in the world and if there is a subliminal message to be found throughout my work, it is that.

The Inspector Armitage Crime Series

Even if he wasn't a police officer, Inspector Matt Armitage of the Ottawa Police Service would be an imposing figure. He is seventy-six inches tall in his dress socks with a big-boned athletic frame, a thick shock of dark hair and intense, piercing eyes the colour of Antarctic ice. He has an unblemished service record, but Armitage will probably never be promoted because his bosses believe he has a singular character flaw. He puts people first. He is a cop's cop operating in a milieu that rewards careerism and mediocrity and punishes anyone who threatens the system's status quo and the self-interest of the top brass. Armitage is a respected team leader of a major crime unit with a lone wolf mentality who excels at solving murders. But just as no good deed goes unpunished, he frequently finds that doing the right thing often triggers the wrong consequences. An Accusing Finger was a Chanticleer Clue Award finalist.


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